Singing voices fill the concert halls and rooms of the Hungarian House of Music, with the participation of numerous choirs, and hopefully, with you. Enjoy the concerts and join us in singing the closing song together at the end of the night.

When and where?

On Saturday, February 19 2022, from 6 to 10 pm. The venue is the Hungarian House of Music: 1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány. 3-5.

How can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets online and a limited number of tickets will be available on the spot as well.

What kind of tickets are available and how much do they cost?

  • Adults (from 15 years of age): 2500 HUF
  • Children (between 7-14): 1000 HUF
    Admission is free for children under 7

What is the Covid-19 policy of the event?

Admission will be only possible with a valid vaccination ID, and according to the current government regulations visitors must wear a mask. Any updates will be published on our Facebook page.

How will I know on the spot where exactly specific concerts will be?

Booklets will be available to see the program and find the locations at the venue. You can also check the program on our website with your smartphone.

What is Singing House?

At the beginning of the event at 6 pm and at half-time at 8 pm the choirs will give a taste of their program, singing in the entrance hall of the House of Hungarian Music, so that visitors can choose from the coming concerts to their liking.

What is the Closing Song?

To close the event we will all sing together – performers and visitors alike! Join us to learn and sing the event’s official closing song!

When I was a child, I sang in a choir for a week. Why do you think it is good for me to listen to choir music?

You can listen to a great variety of genres at the event: classical, church music, folk, pop, contemporary, and children’s choirs. They have one common characteristic: all of them are a cappella, human voice only. Moreover, each of these choirs sing because it gives them joy – and we hope it will give you joy as well.  To get the feel of it, you can find some previous videos on our Facebook page.

Who are the organizers of the Winter Night of Choirs?

The Night of Choirs is organized by the volunteers of Csíkszerda Association.

Could I perform with my choir at the Night of Choirs?

The events are filled and closed. However, do not forget that there will be a huge community singing at the end, where you can join us singing!

Where can I turn with my questions?

You can find our contact information under Contact, and send us a message.