Sheet music and videos for the community singing

The Night of Choirs will end with a community singing event at 10:00 pm at the inner courtyard of the MagNet Community House. Below you can find and download the sheet music and some of the videos of the closing songs of the previous years. We highly recommend you to download this year’s song, “Éj”, which was composed specially for this event. It is so beautiful that we will surely sing it together several times! It is also useful to check out the songs of the previous Nights of Choirs, as you may come across them this year as well.

2019 Winter - Árpád Tóth: A fényes nap immár lenyugodott

2018 - Árpád Tóth: Lélektől Lélekig

2017 - Árpád Tóth: Éj

2016 - Miklós Csemiczky: Est

2015 - Árpád Tóth: Andrásfalva

2014 - Jonatán Zámbó: Este van már, késő este

2013 - Árpád Tóth: Csillagoknak teremtője


There will be printed programmes on the spot, and you will be able to download it soon here.

Press Material

Night of Choirs - background (HU)