Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Night of Choirs?

The Night of Choirs is a festival which calls attention to the power of singing and that it is great anywhere, anytime. The event provides a unique experience to the audience, the organizers and the singers as well, everyone can feel the beauty of their own voice and the strength of belonging to a community.

The festival’s venues are exotic places in the Palace District: among them a church, museum, inner courtyards, movie hall, universities, community/public spaces can be found.

The performances will take place at 10 concert venues and 4 flashmob venues simultaneously, where around 50 new and old choirs, ensembles from the countryside, the capital, and from abroad will give concerts in 6 genres (children’s choir, classical music, pop music, contemporary/modern music, folk music, early music). At each venue the performances will be varied, a colourful repertoire awaits those who stay in one place, but one can look for other venues in the 20-minute breaks between the concerts.

The festival traditionally begins with a singing event, this year it’s going to be the Singing Garden, which starts at 4 PM in the garden of the National Museum, and closes at 11 PM on the Pollack Mihály tér with an event called Community Singing.

When and where will be the Night of Choirs?

It will take place in the Palace District (in District 8) of Budapest, on June 1, 2019 from 4 PM to 11.30 PM.

How can I buy tickets to the event?

Tickets can be bought in advance online by navigating to the page ‘Buy tickets’. It will also be possible to buy them on the spot, at places marked INFO STAND on the map.

What kind of tickets are there and how much do they cost?

The ticket is valid for the whole festival, therefore valid at every venue and program.

  • Adult ticket: 2000 HUF in advance, 2500 HUF on the spot
  • Adult+ ticket (for 1 adult and max. 5 children under 18): 2500 HUF in advance, 3000 HUF on the spot
  • Discount ticket (for people under 27, and over 62 years): 1000 HUF in advance, 1500 HUF on the spot
  • Supporter ticket (with a free silicone festival armband) : 5000 HUF

The festival is free for children up to 6 years old.

How can I find the venue of a concert?

The time and place will be available on the website’s ‘Program’ page. At the festival there will be free program guides containing the schedule and the map of the event as well.

What is the Singing Garden?

The choirs prepare with a short, few minutes long performance, and based on these little introductions the audience can decide who they want to hear. The festival begins with the Singing Garden at 4 PM, then at 7.30 PM the Museum Garden will be filled with melodies again.

What is Community Singing?

It is the closing event of the Night of Choirs where all the choirs and the audience together will sing the piece written just for this special occasion. (the score can be downloaded here)

Who organizes the Night of Choirs?

The festival is organized by the volunteers of the Csíkszerda Egyesület, and by members of the Csíkszerda choir family.

How can I apply to perform as a choir?

You can send your application to,  and if possible, including a sound or video recording of your performance. The choirs are then chosen by the artistic director of the festival. Every place is filled for this year’s Night of Choirs, but you can already apply for 2020!

Where can I send my questions regarding the event?

Our contact details can be found on the Contacts page.