Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Night of Choirs?

Singing voices fill the streets in the Palace District of Budapest on the Night of Choirs, with the participation of several dozen choirs, and hopefully, with you. You can listen to concerts and flashmobs, walk along the Singing Street, and sing the closing song together with the participants at the end of the night.

When and where will be the Night of Choirs?

On June 10, Saturday, 2017, from 16:00 to midnight. The location is Mikszath square and its neighbourhood, Palace District of Józsefváros, Budapest.

What does Mikszáth Kálmán square and its neighbourhood mean? How shall I know where the events exactly will be?

It means varied locations of Palace District, inner courtyards, balconies, and squares. You can find them on the map of the leaflet. However, some of the locations and events are surprises, so keep your ears and eyes open!

What does Singing Street mean?

Singing Street is the opening of the Night of Choirs, starting from the exit of the underpass at Kalvin square at 4 pm. In the following one hour, houses, windows, bins, fountains, lampposts and cobbles burst into song with the help of the invited choirs and their one-minute-long introductory performances. Chants cover every small parts of the route, humming can be heard from the doorways, whistling behind the sculptures, melodies swim in the air around the benches, and merge into one, knocking on the window of the antiquarian bookseller’s stall.

How shall one buy tickets to the events?

You can buy tickets online (more info here), or you can purchase tickets at some Information desks on the spot on June 10,

  • From 12:00 on Pollack Mihály square
  • From 14:00 on Mikszáth Kálmán square
  • Between 15:00 and 22:00 on Lőrinc pap and Kálvin squares

You can receive your tickets purchased in advance on Pollack Mihály square from 12:00.

What kind of tickets are and how much do they cost?

  • Adult tickets (from 15-year-old) cost 2000 HUF, but only 1600 HUF if you buy them online in advance.
  • Tickets for children (between 7 and 14-year-old) cost 800 HUF, admission is free for kids under 7.
  • Family ticket is a novelty. 2 adults and 3 kids can visit the festival for 4500 HUF. If you have a family ticket, every additional child’s ticket costs 500 HUF.
  • You can also buy supporter tickets for 3000 HUF to support Csíkszerda Association. If you purchase supporter ticket, we will mail your ticket if you ask, and you will be registered on the list of our sponsors.

What if it rains?

Most of the events have rain location. If we have to use them, we will inform you on the spot and online in time. However, as we will sing on the streets rain or shine, it is better to bring appropriate clothing.

How shall I know on the spot where exactly specific concerts will be?

Leaflets with map will help you find the locations on the spot. And you can watch the program on our website with your cellphone.

As I see, these are open-air events. Could I bring my dog with me to the concerts?

Open-air concerts are also four-walled which cannot host pets, yet.

When I was a child, I sang in a choir for a week, and it was catastrophic. Why do you think it is good for me to listen to choir music?

There will be six different genres on the Night of Choirs: classic, pop, contemporary, historic and folk music, and children’s choirs. They are varied but have a common characteristic: all of them are a capella, which means singing without instrumental accompaniment. Moreover, every choir bursts into song, because this gives them joy, which hopefully will catch you, too. To get the feel of it, you can find some previous photos and videos on our Instagram page and a YouTube-channel.

How family-friendly is this festival? Shall I bring my grandma, can she sit down?

There will be seats on the concerts, and benches on the streets. :)

Who organise the Night of Choirs?

The Night of Choirs is organised by the volunteers of Csíkszerda Association.

Could I perform with my choir on the Night of Choirs?

The events of the Night of Choirs are filled and closed. However, do not forget that there will be a huge community singing where everbody will perform.

Where can I turn with my questions?

You can fnd our availability under Contact, and write a message to us.